Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Day , One Dream .

I had a dream yesterday :X It was damn nice . This story make no sense, but you know la , dreams don't make sense.

It started out as a class trip , it was me and a bunch of other people . and seriously , i don't know Justin Bieber was in my dream = =. There was this guy , i forgot what his name was! Dx Ken ken something .
We went to a high mountain , i also forgot what it's name was . It was a beautiful place !
It was like the Forbidden City , 故宫amazing .

So anyway , the trip was fine , Ken and i shared the same room . We got into a fight , against each other that is . I forgot what was it all about , i don't know what made us start fighting , so yeah , i went out , alone by myself , going about this city. and then in all of sudden , everything became dark! And everybody is evacuating (疏散) , to underground . Down Below , there's some kind of zombies = = then , bats , every creature you can ever imagine . monsters and stuff . Everybody had to fight for their own lives , i had a KATANA  :D 武士刀! 
   So the fight ended . I was alone again . Nothing to do . i walk around , and at a football field , i saw JUSTIN BIEBER bullying my friend , Ken . Justin Bieber and some other people . Insulting , Beating up Ken , I got really mad . I went there , and I had to fight them all . ME ALONE AGAINST THE WORLD . ''because everybody likes JB right ?''
Anyway , My dream was so realistic , the graphic effects ''图形'' is so BEAUTIFUL ! :)
Ken was on the ground , and in pain . My tears are flowing out . It gave me strength ! I succeeded in Killing every ONE of them ! even Mr. BIEBER . ''finally'' :p
Anyway , then Ken asked me , ''why did you fight ? did you fight for me?''
The sun was rising up , when we were having our conversation . 
I said , '' yes , Ken . That's what friends are for '' . 
So i woke up at that time , and my tears :X was there . 

heeeeee , just wanna share :) seriously damn nice dream .