Sunday, January 9, 2011

爱很简单 :)

Arh~  Time is going so fast when i'm having a great time with you~
Arh~ Time goes by slowly when i'm waiting to be with you~
Arh~ Time ! Time ! Time ! D:

But i don't care , because you and me have all the time in the world :) we have forever~ (:
Dear , We have to be happy everyday yarh~ :) if got something happen, we must gao dim , together (: okay?
Because we want EASY LOVE (: don't want all our problems to stay~

Every Monday :( I can't 陪 you , sorry arh >.< 8 - 10 pm~ i go sing arh~ (: i hope you will wait for me ~ (: i always wait you (:
When i back , then pui me arh (: 8-10 , you can do homework or chat with other people also mar~ (: if can , inbox me yarh~ (: love you~