Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Story , you and me .Episode 1 .

    The Love Story . Of you and me .
Why am i writing all this ? It's not lies , it's not something to write about ,
but it's something to be remembered . I never want to forget , each and every moment ,
we are together (: It's up to you , if you wanna read it or not .

                        28th July ,2010 . It was a quiet evening , Adam had nothing else to do . Nobody to chat with , nothing to play with . Adam was on facebook , posting random status , and then , there was this girl, who commented on it , her name was Liew Mei Toong . Adam then thought , '' should i talk to her? '' , next he started a chat with her using Facebook Chat . a little lag though~ Then they both started chatting~

      AW:'' Hello (:''the first ever hello from Adam to Mei Toong (:
      LMT :''Hello :)'' the first ever hello from Mei Toong to Adam :D
      AW:'' can i have your msn? '' ~ then she gave me , then they started chatting at msn .

          And the chat goes on , until late at night~ Adam already has feelings for her long time ago , but it seems like she don't have. Adam said , ''whoever becomes your boyfriend is a very lucky guy''
Then exchanged numbers ~ 0128682884 and ~ 01730****** (:
                Adam made a caligrpah writing of Wasabi and Liew Mei Toong , but  Adam made a mistake , and left out one 'O' in Toong . He was scared that he will have no chance in having her heart , because of that mistake .
                         Then Adam feels more closer to Mei Toong that night~ love is blooming high in the air~\
Before closing his eyes , to sleep a good night , he thinks of Liew Mei Toong ~ and sleeps away (:

That's what happened , how it all started .