Wednesday, January 5, 2011

you're the plum , i'm the tree . we grow together forever (:

5 months with you , is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me (:
I know , we got a little problems here and there , but we always say, all this things make our love stronger (:
梅子 , WASABI ~ both also green colour ^ ^ ~ so ngam <3
I will never forget everyday we're together . except for some :X mat mat mat ''mm sai gong jor'' x)
must remember my first ''i love you'' (: and your first 'i love you too'' :)
arhh~ 2010~ 30th July ~ how can i ever forget .
First , you told me you go to Pusat Sains Negara , then i also want to go (: see you for the first time~ arhhh~
Sook Ching was there to pui us , we both so paiseh that time x)) Want hold your hand also 不敢 >.<
Then we go play the mat mat mat , use 头脑 geh~ i lose Dx nevermind , lose to my 宝贝 jek x)
arhh~ then the friday we go KFC :) i eat burger :X you eat nugget x)) always eat nugget only gehh~ x)

 Our second picture together :) <3~

Remember ngo dei lam do this ? x) 

This was the first part of our journey (: I love you , and always will :)
Muack ! :)