Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm scared , i'm angry , i'm in pain , i'm hurt .
What kind of dream 来的~
一开始,我梦里看到你~ 在giant s-park 和妈咪走走,突然,有人偷妈咪的handbag,
蒙蒙又 arfff arff arff~ 我又到了做HERO. then mou ye jor :X

Then 3 am i don't know why wake up~Then sleep again~
This time geh dream , walao , cry seiiii~ i'm writing this now , still cry :'(
because i angryyy~

First got a lot of girls , at like times squares stairs gor dou~then in the middle is you ><
The girl don't know who lei geh , suddenly gong gong mat mat mat at you !
Then every girl there they bully you , slap you , then horrrr , kui dei take out your shirt mat mat mat !!  :'(
When that happen , i feel dou my yan lei come out already ><
Then suddenly ngo come , i very shock see dou what happen , i angry likeeeeee ><
then i go beat all the girls there >< and then do everything they done to you ,
then gong , '' 如果你做其他人又可以 ,现在,什么感觉?HUH ?! ''
I beat the girls .
I slap them .
I kick them .
I take out everything , then they whole body 赤裸裸.!
Then all your shirt already , koyak , tear , ‘’撕裂‘’? 
我抱你, 我去买新依,给你。 就带你回家~ 

Then i wake up . walao . so bad geh the dreammmm , if really happen arh~ 
I promise jor , i will do anything , to 照顾你 (: