Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sad . Sad . Sad .

I don't know where are you right now,
I don't know what you doing ,
I don't know anything right now :(
I keep on facebook , again, again , again ,
Too see if got you reply or not . But no . since morning !! I keep sending you messages .
Do you see, how much i miss you?

Today no school , and still , almost like waiting for you everyday~ i want to die already .
I'm sick , i'm alone at this bed . Hachu hachu hachu ! nobody take care me now.
I always can wait for you . but , today , i don't know where what when you go ? when you back ?
Say jor , mummy bring you out , you say mou gua~ aihhh~
nevermind la~ hurry back, seriously~ngo behtahan lonely :'(

I keep open facebook , msn , everything la , want to see your name . but nothing ..... NOTHING .
I miss you arh ! I'm not angry, i'm just really lonely jor neh~
Please hurry :(