Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sitting alone in an empty room .
Waiting for the time to pass .
Staring the stars at night ,
Without you by my side.

It's so sad , to be alone~
on this wonderful day ,
When you say i love you ,
everything's gonna be okay~ <3

Let me tell you ,
That i love you ,
Now tell me that you love me too ,
Do you know that
I miss you , i need you, i want you ,
shhhh, ell , low , veee , eee : )

Sitting listening to the raindrops ,
keep missing you till my mind pops ,
While waiting for you for so long ,
i write the words to this song .

It's not enough  to hear my baby's voice on the phone ,
Everytime i off it i will feel so alone .

But what matters is , we are still happy together ,
we're gonna stay like this , forever .
Baby when we have our chance , we have to make it count ,
we make it our moment , kisses in the silent sound .