Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad Day .

a bad day is usually just how a good day starts-
there are a few bumps on your way into someones heart-
but just remember that if you love them, they are worth the pain-
it don't matter if you spend hours, in the pouring rain-
it don't matter if she dont understand how you feel inside-
loves like a roller coaster, you just need to welcome the ride-
you have some ups and downs, but usually love is fun-
and you will find out that no matter what, she is the only one (: <3~

Today , cannot go to choir~
Today my dear feeling so down :( ~ 
today i feel myself 没有用的人~
I hope my baby , can be happy again , in school :'( If only i'm beside her now , hugging her tightly~
make her feel good , feel better~ everyday , i love you dear ~ <3 relax okay? :) hubby always here beside you~