Thursday, January 6, 2011

Music 2011 :)

I just realized , i can't sing every song there is :/ but that don't mean i can't try right ?  =)
I just think i'm more of an Acoustic person :)
remember , i won the competition with my voice , and my guitar :) <3~ and of course, with her love =)
I'm now more focused on music, now that i have so much time , why let it go to waste !

I love MUSIC :) I'm going to start posting videos every Monday , or Friday . That is if nothing stops me .
I like to sing , now i want your opinion , should i

1.sing with my guitar/keyboard/etc/ only (acoustic)
2.use an instrumental track or backing track .

those are the two options, i don't know which you guys think i'm more suited with =)
songs choices depends , i can't sing every song , but i'd try =)
and after you read this , please kindly help me like this video :)
Just press the link down below , and don't worry it's not a virus :) THANKS !
Message 2011 :)