Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year !

Few more hours , the dawn of 2011 is coming (: i can't wait ! i posted a video about all my memories this 2010~
Arh~ i'm so glad , i'm not going to end this year , as a SINGLE person :)

I guess tonight , everywhere around the world will be filled with joy , laughter , in tears , because , having a flashback , on what had happened this wonderful 2010 year .
I've made a video , because a pictures' worth a thousand words~ In facebook~

Thanks sis for telling me this :''‎079, hello my brother from another mother xD At 1st i though you are a Malay :P Then you said you're a Kadasan :P sorry xD anyway you are very talented gor! Hope you become a super star! Then i have super star brother! hahaha good luck in College next year ! ;D See you soon gor! iloveyou!♥'' (: that was meaningful, despite the fact that i'm not so close to you (:

To all my friends , thanks for supporting me , helping me to get through all the problems that i face , and giving me strength to go on (:
i hope you can forgive me , if i ever done anything wrong to you~ I don't want any people hating each other~ for just small things (:
I love you , everybody (: